Katie Richardson


About Me

Social Justice Advocate

I’m here, I’m queer! I love the LGBTQ+ community dearly and strive to provide an inclusive practice that feels safe and welcoming. Likewise, using my privilege to advocate for marginalized groups to work toward dismantling our racist, classist, ableist, sexist, and homo/transphobic systems is important to me.

Lived ADHD Experience

Like many of my clients, I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life. After nearly two decades of misdiagnosis and sitting on waitlists, the experience has fueled a fire within me to influence change in our mental health system and support others navigating this journey. Don’t worry, I am not operating on personal experience alone; I have specialized supervision and have completed and continue to seek out ongoing education to provide affirming, evidence-based therapy to ADHD’ers.

Allergy Mama

I am the mother of a little fellow with multiple food allergies and plan to specialize further in providing support for the food allergy community.


In my spare time I enjoy martial arts, scuba diving, engaging in my own personal therapy, painting, writing, going for new outdoor adventures, and connecting with my favourite humans!