Katie Richardson



-> Are you licensed?

Yes! I am registered in Ontario with the CRPO as a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), license #11244, and covered under insurance plans that list “Registered Psychotherapists” in their policies. I am licensed to see anyone within Ontario.

-> What does the “Qualifying” mean?

To be fully qualified the CRPO requires us to complete 450 practice hours (i.e., 450 completed therapy sessions), 100 supervision hours, and pass a licensing exam. Successful completion of my Master’s degree required 200 practice hours. I am continuing to collect these hours and will have my first opportunity to write my licensing exam in the spring.

-> Can you diagnose me?

Sadly, no. Ontario does not allow Registered Psychotherapists to diagnose. I can offer validated screeners with you that give us a pretty good indication, and you can bring a copy to your diagnosing doctor. I’m also happy to refer you to a diagnosing doctor or service that is most appropriate for the benefits coverage you may have.

-> I don’t have ADHD. Can I still see you?

Absolutely. Check out the list of things I might be able to support you with here!

-> What is your fee? Do you have a sliding scale?

$140+HST ($158.20) through KRP and $160 including HST through Dig A Little Deeper Psychotherapy & Counselling. I have some low-cost spots that you can inquire about, but know they fill up fast and there may be a waitlist. As much as I would love to make therapy more affordable for everyone, I have learned that the costs of being a therapist are quite high. I am happy to refer you to someone who offers low-cost or pro bono treatment. For your information, the CRPO does not allow student counsellors to be paid, so often they can provide service at very low cost.

-> What is your availability like?

Currently I am seeing folks through KRP Mon-Tues 9:30am-3:30pm with varied evening availability and seeing clients through DALD Wed-Thurs 9:30am – 3:30pm. Sometimes I fit a couple people in on Fridays.

-> Can you see me in person?

Yes! I am seeing clients in person at 171 King St E in Oshawa, ON.